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An exit or capital expansion transaction is a critical moment for a company.

Increasingly investors are directly approaching target organisations, often unsolicited, to discuss the potential for a transaction.


Whilst these approaches can be welcome news, the investor will demand a fully integrated, error checked, 3-way Excel spreadsheet, complete with historical data for 2 or 3 years and at least a 2 year forecast prior to submitting an offer.

Companies that can respond quickly and professional at this time maintain more negotiating power and as a result are best positioned to conclude a transaction faster and at a higher valuation. 

BeeReadi enables you to keep the negotiating power to your advantage because you are always ready to share an up to date, full Microsoft Excel 3-way integrated financial model with report visualisations to shareholders, debt providers and potential investors. 


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Behind BeeReadi are the investment bankers of prominent cross-border and technology M&A Presser & Co, who understand and have experienced the M&A cycle in all major global markets.

When you sign on to BeeReadi, you get to work with investment bankers who will on-board you into the BeeReadi service and deliver you a set of investment bank ready live excel spreadsheet financial statements every month.

​For a successful transaction, shareholder, corporate, regulatory and accounting demands must come together harmoniously. BeeReadi ensures that you are ready to engage with investors and stakeholders alike.

As part of the set-up of your integrated 3-way financial model, we will engage with you to gather the necessary information. Please register below and a member of the BeeReadi team will contact you for a first meeting.

The BeeReadi set-up steps are as follows:


As part of our service, we build your ‘best practice’ 3-way financial model (income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement) in 5 days. For most companies we onboard in 5 days, but if yours is going to take more than 5 days, we will discuss this with you before starting



  • We roll forward your financial model every month with your new historical financials

  • We provide you a detailed monthly report pack, including:

    • Summary of income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement

    • Profitability margins

    • Easily digestible graphs and tables

    • Industry specific metrics (e.g. LTV, ARPU, CAC)

    • Budget & variance analysis

    • Extras (see below)

  • We meet annually to review performance and update model, where required



  • A Director’s report

  • Other ad hoc reports

  • A valuation incorporating a Discount Cash Flow with a comparisons of comparable peer-related transaction metrics


*cost of extra services provided on an hourly charge basis


From $499 per month + GST *

 Paid in advance via credit card or direct debit.



*for standard business structure

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